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Who pays for what nowadays is a common question. Traditionally in the past the bride's family has paid for the entire wedding and reception, with the knowledge and understanding that the wedding out to be kept within their family budget. This practice is still followed today. On the other hand, it is also not unusual nowadays, for the groom's family to sometimes OFFER to help share some of the expenses, if they wish, such as the cost of liquor or music. This offer may be accepted or, if the bride's family prefers to have a simpler, affordable wedding within their limited budget, it is their privilege to kindly reject the offer.

In addition to the above examples, more and more couples today tend to plan and save to pay entirely for the cost of their own wedding. In this case the wedding invitations are sent out in their own names, unless, as in some circumstances, they wish to give their parents the courtesy of issuing the invitation.

The groom and his family are responsible for the following expenses:

The bride's engagement and wedding ring, his wedding attire, his doctor's visit and blood test, the marriage license, the clergyman's fee or donation, gifts for the best man and ushers, boutonnieres for the groom and ushers and sometimes the bridal bouquet, going away corsage, etc., unless the bride chooses to include them in her florist's order. Whether to give a bachelor dinner is optional. A rehearsal diner is customary. Honeymoon expenses, if planned.

Bridesmaid's expenses include:

Purchase of bridesmaid's dresses, shoes and all accessories, transportation to and from the location of the wedding, an individual gift to the couple, a shower, luncheon for the bride, or a co-ed party may be shared.

Guest's expenses include:

The groom's parents pay for their own transportation and lodgings as do out-of-town guests. Parents of the bride and groom may help in securing accommodations for the bridesmaids and ushers in the home of friends, or they may offer to pay any expenses they may care to assume.

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