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If you glance through the pages of your favorite bridal publication, you will notice that any color goes for weddings. You will see shades that vary from the deep to very pale. Shades of pink, red, navy, periwinkle, and black are just a few shades that you will find this Spring. Most designers have created dresses that will complement any colors that you choose. The following are colors that you might find in weddings for 2001: red, coral, pink, rum pink, white, ivory, champagne, pale yellow, spearmint, hunter, navy, indigo, light blue, lilac, periwinkle, purple, plum, wine, and black.

Your wedding colors should compliment each other and set the tone for your special day. If you are having a spring wedding, then a pale pink, lavender, light blue, or pale yellow, would be good choices. After Five and winter weddings tend to have brighter and deeper shades of colors. Burgandy, red, navy, and black to name a few. Theme Weddings will determine the colors that use. For example, if you are having a Christmas Holiday theme, you might choose various shades of red, green, white, or ivory. Ultimately, they should be colors that you prefer. Before choosing the final color theme, pick several colors that you and your fiance like, and visit the ceremony and reception site to see how it is decorated and lighted. Once you visit each site, you will be able to narrow down your color choices and pick the colors that will be the most complimentary. Remember, the colors that you choose will be carried through out the entire wedding. The flowers used for the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, as well as any other floral arrangements, should compliment the color theme. This does not mean that the flowers that you use have to be in the same colors used in your theme. You can have colorful bouquets and floral arrangements, however the colors should compliment the original theme.

If you want to choose your colors based on meaning, the following is a guideline:

White: Protection, Purification, Peace
Red: Protection, Strength, Health, Passion, Courage
Light Blue: Healing, Patience, Happiness
Dark Blue: Change
Green: Money, Fertility, Growth
Yellow: Intellect, Attraction, Study, Divination
Pink: Love, Friendship
Orange: Stimulation, Energy
Purple: Power, Healing, Spiritual, Meditation

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