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Your First Dance as husband and wife should be memorable and emotionally touching. Historically, the First Dance is symbolic of the consummation of the wedding vows. This Dance is the wedding couples first cooperative engagement and joint endeavor. The newlyweds are placed on the road of life together to fulfill their dreams and aspirations; more importantly, to complete each other as a human being.

When the Bride accepts her dance with the Groom, she accepts it for the rest of her life. The frame and posture of the Groom when he proposes the dance to the Bride, speak of the source of strength, love, companionship, and guidance he offers his Bride. It is no wonder that the tradition of the First Dance has continued through history as one of the most important facets of the Wedding Day. Make these moments as meaningful and memorable as possible.

Many weddings have no specific plan or time for the First Dance during the reception. Consequently, a very beautiful time can come off as being haphazard and silly. This singular event becomes a missed opportunity that is regretted in the future.

How can you avoid missing the highlight of the evening? Study my video and booklet called, "The Complete Guide To Slow Dancing." Your spouse-to-be and you will feel confident dancing in front of an audience. Plan to do this several months in advance of your special day. Take the opportunity to dance out in public at a club, cruise, or perhaps someone else's wedding reception as often as possible before your big day. The contents of this video will benefit the entire wedding party, particularly the Father of the Bride. When hiring musicians or a D.J., work together to plan the timing of the First Dance and the accompanying music. Have a wonderful wedding!
 Learn to dance the Waltz
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