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Alternatives to rice throwing might include doily cones filled with confetti, little bags of bird seed or potpourri, or even bottles of blow-bubbles for a festive touch that everyone can have fun with and is gentle to the environment.

An earth-friendly favor that also serves as a balloon weight, decoration, and centerpiece all in one is a tree seedling. The seedlings are 6-8 inches tall and can be decorated with mylar tissue, curling ribbon or tulle for the perfect party favor that will live for years.

An elegant option for cake cutting music is violins and flutes played in a semi-circle around the newlyweds for a more romantic presentation than "The Bride Cuts the Cake".

With the rising awareness of drinking and driving, more families and wedding parties are riding home safely and in style with limousines. Elegant sedan cars instead of limousines may help trim costs to enable more family members the consideration of being provided a safe ride home.

Carriages, vintage cars and Rolls-Royces are popular for couples who want to make a statement on their wedding day.

Help break the ice among guests by having the best man announce at the beginning of the meal that the bride and groom will only kiss when a table or group stands up, singing a verse of a song with the word "LOVE" in it.

A lighter and more economical option for your bar is a "White Bar", with vodka, rum, champagne and wine for the base stock.

Treat your guests with little take-away bags of sweets, cornucopia filled with flowers, or a memento of the occasion.

For receptions, breakaway centerpieces are a thoughtful touch. Individual bud vases, ornaments, or small plants all gathered in one basket can be taken home by guests as a memento.

FYI: With a domestic-brand beer, a half-barrel keg contains 15.5 gallons, while the quarter-barrel contains 7.75 gallons. If you are using a 10-ounce cup, this totals to about 200 cups of beer for a half-barrel, while the quarter-barrel contains about 100 cups. (Imported beer kegs are sized differently, with a half-barrel containing 10.7 gallons. You'll also find that domestic taps may not fit an imported keg.)

An alternative to seating name cards is to number the tables, and provide each guest with a personally addressed envelope that contains their table number. Calligraphy adds an impressive touch, and guests will appreciate being spared the search for their seats.

Make a card of all the married couples at the reception and put in a basket. When people are calling out for a kiss, pull a name out, and that couple has to show the new couple how they have to kiss.

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