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At each stage in booking, preselling, photographing, and delivering a prom there are opportunities to make the prom a bigger and better success for all concerned. This includes larger profits for you and happier customers who will want you back, prom after prom.

We have found that at each stage in the prom process, there are a few marketing tasks that you can perform that will increase overall sales, increase your average sale, and create happy customers.


1. Offer several packages to choose. Point out that the large 10 x 14 is a unique, but affordable photograph. It fits inside the door of the average student locker. Offering a large package at a higher price will help increase your average sale.

2. Offer your assistance and advice on the prom set-up. A three-dimensional set gives depth to the photographs. Your input will assure the students an attractive, quality set-up and you a set that takes into account your photographic requirements (distance from camera to set, in-camera cropping requirements.)

3. Show the dance committee (or adviser) photograph samples. This unique service has proven to be an effective selling tool.

4. Design and use a display board to show the packages and prices you offer to the students. Use actual prom photographs from a variety of proms (formal, semi-formal and barn). This makes your presentation more professional.

5. Make sure the committee knows they can add-on wallets to the packages.

6. When making your presentation to the dance committee, be aware of who makes up the committee. It usually includes several students and an adviser. The adviser is usually concerned with convenience, ease of handling, and a hassle-free prom. The students want to see photographs, prices, and something "different." Sell accordingly.


1. Get permission from the dance committee or the school to put up your display board at the school. Most schools have a student lobby area where your display can be locked in a display case. When arranging your packages on the display board, place your larger packages towards the center where they will attract more attention. Remind them the 10 x 14’s from package C fits inside a locker ("LOCKER PRINTS").

2. Remind the students to decide which package they want and bring the dollar amount needed for that package. (We have heard the following statement many times from students. "Gee, I would have bought the larger package if I’d known it was available. I don’t have enough money left now.’

3. Remind them extra wallets are available as an add-on to the other packages.


1. Have your display board next to your order desk at the prom. Those students who failed to see your board at the preselling stage will now have an opportunity to view what they are buying.

2. Encourage the purchasers to buy a large package for their dates.

3. For additional wallets, encourage them to add Package A to any of your regular packages.


1. Include a prom re-order slip with the finished prom photographs.

2. Include some type of offer to the student to use your photographic services again. This could include an offer for a senior sitting or a family group portrait. Dont miss this chance to acquire future business!

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