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1. Midtones: Avoid plain black or white colors because they may cause lighting trouble. This may result in contrast problems with finished prints, although a professional photographer should be able to work with these extremities of contrast. Try to wear colors closer to your skin tone. This will help accentuate your natural features.

2. Neckline: Is your neck short or long? A V-neck lengthens the neck; a round neckline shortens it. A collar frames the face well, without decreasing the length of your neck. A collared shirt with a V-neck or a few buttons undone is most popular. Turtlenecks completely hide the neck, which is very unflattering and should be avoided.

3. Subdued/No Patterns: Avoid bold colors and crazy patterns (i.e., like Mr. T's chain, a huge Charlie Brown stripe). They will present a distraction.

4. Glasses: If you wear glasses, go with frames only, no lenses; lenses can cause a glare or reflect the flash, ruining a perfectly good shot.

5. Personal: Wear something that makes you feel great and relaxed.

6. No Jeans: Jeans are a bit too casual. Try something more formal. Remember--you want to look extraordinary and have something to offer that the rest do not have.

7. No Leather: Screams NYPD Blue. It limits your potential audience.

8. No Jean Jackets: The eighties are over. Throw it away.

9. No Logos: Okay. Listen carefully: NO WRITING ON YOUR SHIRT. That goes for auditions as well.

10. Limited Jewelry: Avoid distracting accessories, such as large, shiny jewelry. If you have a pierced ear, wear studs or small hoops. No matter how much you love your gold necklace, remember it will take the focus away from your face.

Makeup! Look your best!

1. Base: Use a good quality base that covers your skin without caking. You want your natural skin tones to show.

2. Skin Features: Do not hide your skin's personality! Flaunt your freckles. They are part of what makes you unique. Unusual features make others sit up and take notice. Of course, if on the day of the shoot you are sporting a monstrous zit, use some make-up. But generally, unique attractive features are an asset. Who would ever want to say good-bye to Harrison Ford's chin scar?

3. B/W Photo: Remember, you're doing this for Black and White film, not color; darker colors will appear as shadows, lighter colors as highlights.

4. Eyeliner: Soft, applied sparingly with a brush, using very little on the lower lid.

5. Straight Hair: You want to frame your face, so if your hair is very straight and long, give it some body to accentuate your face.

6.For Men Only: A light coat of powder will help even out your skin tones. Otherwise, use make-up very sparingly.

7. Pimples, Etc: Life is full of little imperfections. Use makeup to even it out. If it still shows, don't panic. You will be amazed what retouching can do to a photo.

8. Dark Beards: Dark beards usually are accentuated in photos, so some men may want to use a little cream base to slightly lighten their beards.

9. Hairpiece: Great! You've got two looks. Definitely do a shot with and without it.

10. Haircut: Don't cut your hair the day before your shoot! It will look like you just got a haircut. Give your hair at least a week after a cut to relax.

Set the Atmosphere

 Here are five ways of enhancing the senses so that your photo will flatter you:

1. Sound: Provide music that makes you happy, relaxes you, and makes you feel more at home.

2. Sight: Bring several changes of clothes, and do not be afraid to use them.

3. Taste: Eat well. Stay energized. Bring something to drink while you are shooting (and I don't mean beer).

4. Smell: Scents tap right into the animal part of your brain. They can help get you in the right mood. If you have a perfume/cologne that makes you feel like a million bucks, or a scented candle that puts your mind at ease, by all means bring it.

5. Touch: Ask the photographer if you can bring a close friend who helps you relax and feel at ease with yourself.

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